Mystery Investor Revealed

05/16/2013 | Source: Hidden Path
Hidden Path Entertainment Announces Steven Dengler is the Mystery Investor for DG2

Bellevue, WA (May 16th, 2013) – Hidden Path Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Steven Dengler of Dracogen Inc. as its mystery investor in order to help accomplish the greater goal of developing Defense Grid 2 (DG2), after its Kickstarter campaign was just sufficient to fund the Defense Grid: Containment expansion. Thanks to Dengler, the Defense Grid community will be no longer have to cry out, “We want more Defense Grid!” It is now coming in a major way in 2014.
Who is Steven Dengler? He is the CEO and co-founder of Inc., the world’s most used foreign exchange website. He is perhaps an “ultrabacker” on Kickstarter with over 75 backed projects from video games to electronic devices, from web series to documentaries.  He pledged for the coveted speaking role on the new Veronica Mars film and is a frequent supporter of the Desert Bus and Child’s Play charities. Through his investment company Dracogen Inc., Dengler has helped finance other game titles, including multiple titles with Double Fine Productions. Hidden Path Entertainment is thrilled he chose DG2 for his next game investment.
Dengler had this to say about his involvement with Hidden Path Entertainment, “I'm extremely excited to be working with Hidden Path to help make Defense Grid 2 a reality. I'm a huge fan of the original game, and it's tremendously satisfying to provide resources to help get the game made. I love that crowd sourced funding provided the first step along the journey.” Dengler continues, “It's amazing to live in a time when the developer, a fan investor, and the fan base of the game itself can get a game funded on their own without relying on traditional publishers. This is a whole new model and it will be fascinating to see how far it can go.”
Hidden Path Entertainment is grateful for Steven Dengler’s involvement. Now Hidden Path has the opportunity to give you more Defense Grid. DG2 will be available in the first half of 2014. Be sure to join the forums and make your voice heard for what you would like to see in the game. Forums are located here:    

About DG2:Defense Grid 2 (DG2) is the highly-anticipated sequel to Hidden Path Entertainment’s 2008 Defense Grid: The Awakening. DG2 was successfully funded by its 2012 Kickstarter campaign and a private investor. It will be developed and self-published by Hidden Path Entertainment. DG2 will uphold the standards set by its acclaimed predecessor. Along with the single player mode, DG2 will expand with cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. For more information please visit:
About Hidden Path Entertainment:Hidden Path Entertainment, Inc. is an independent video game company established to develop and produce interactive entertainment software for current and future generations of PCs, video game consoles, and other computing platforms. Hidden Path focuses on immersive, fun, and well-designed game experiences that allow players to express themselves creatively as well.  The company is currently working on independently-funded and partner-funded projects with some of the most popular companies in gaming. For more info visit 
About Dracogen Inc.:Dracogen Inc. is the creation of Steven Dengler – entrepreneur, gamer, pilot, and co-founder of, the world’s favorite currency site.  Dracogen provides strategic financing to a number of promising gaming, high-tech, and new media ventures. Dracogen also supports a number of charities, most prominently Child’s Play. Learn more about Dracogen at