More Defense Grid! Hidden Path Entertainment Launches Kickstarter to Create Defense Grid 2

07/10/2012 by Mike Nelson | Source: Gamespy
When you launch a Kickstarter that has Ken Rolston singing and playing a ukelele in your pitch video, I start paying attention. That's exactly what Hidden Path Entertainment has done with their Kickstarter campaign to create more Defense Grid. Depending how much they're able to raise, however, will determine what kind of new Defense Grid we'll be playing: $250K will give us an expansion to the original game, $1 million will bring about a whole new sequel.

To help with the funding, Hidden Path Entertainment has teamed up with AMD and Razer to bundle in some goodies with some of the larger donations. For example, if you donate $250 or more you'll get an AMD Radeon HD 6770 and a ton of other cool items (you can see more information on the official Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter page). I think this is one the best ways to get people to donate to the higher-tier pledges, by giving useful tangible rewards.

What say you? Excited at the prospect of a new Defense Grid? Big fan of the original? Do bundles that include video cards make you want to throw more money at the project? Let us know in the comments below.