Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arsenal modes make Gun Game official, new screenshots out

09/22/2011 by Tom Senior | Source: PC Gamer

Valve are incorporating the immensely popular Gun Game mod as official modes
in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Arsenal: Arms Race and Arsenal: Demolition
are the two new modes. They’ll be playable across eight new maps created with
help from the creators of the original mod.

Gun Game replaces Counter-Strike’s cash-for-guns system with a kills-for-guns
system. Everyone starts with a pistol and gets a new weapon for every kill.
Those unfamiliar with Counter-Strike might recognise a very similar mode
appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but the original CS mod was the real deal,
and it will get official backing when CS:GO is released early next year.

Valve have sent over nine new screenshots, showing some lovely jungle areas.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t seem to be pushing the Source engine
especially hard, but it’s a significant step up from Counter-Strike: Source.