DG2 Review by Gamer Assault Weekly

10/27/2014 by Alex R | Source: Gamer Assault Weekly
Tower defense games nowadays are a dime a dozen. It’s an easy to create game, with very simple mechanics, and very little work is required of a single developer to make one. However, it is difficult to make a tower defense game that stands out in a sea of copy cats, look-a-likes, and rehashes. This is a feat that isn’t easy when your market can easily be over saturated; however the TD fad has quickly grown by opening up new opportunities for those that put forth the effort. From the success of the original Defense Grid comes it’s sequel Defense Grid 2, and you can bet that the team at Hidden Path Entertainment had something up their sleeve for the project.

Tower Defense games have a stigma of always being the same. The idea is quite simple: hordes of enemies are coming to attack an objective that you need to protect; use these towers to defend against the oncoming enemies. At its core Defense Grid 2 isn’t too different from the norm when it comes to a tower defense game. The twist here is the speed at which the game is played and its dozens upon dozens of gameplay modes. It features a unique tug of war style multiplayer, which also can be set with certain rules to add a bit more challenge to the game. Multiplayer matchmaking also allows you to play the single player missions as you wait for someone to jump into a match with you.

The game features a scenario-based single player story campaign that introduces you to different types of aliens and towers. AI personalities will commentate as you play through each mission which helps add humor and personality to the game. The story picks up where Defense Grid left off and has you jumping from planet to planet in hopes of finding one that isn’t taken over by the evil aliens. Each AI you encounter that joins your crew gives you additional super abilities to use in the games. A few examples of these abilities are an orbital laser, a resource boost, and a buff on your tower abilities. There are more AI personalities to unlock, and each will have you playing in a different

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