Probably the only tower defence game you need to play this year

10/06/2014 by Chad Sapieha | Source: Financial Post
A few days ago I reviewed Alien Creeps TD, the worst game I’ve ever written about in these pages and one of the most awful I’ve ever played.

It validated everything I’d ever believed about the evils of free-to-play games. I concluded claiming I’d much rather pay up front for a game made by people who set out to legitimately entertain their audience with a fun, fair experience rather than play a free game made by people intent on coming up with conniving ways to wring money from players’ credit cards once they began playing.

Oh, hello Hidden Path Entertainment. And hello Defense Grid 2. Thanks for stopping by to prove my point.

Like Alien Creeps TD, Defense Grid 2 is a sci-fi tower defence game. Players deploy and upgrade towers with an aim to arrest the progress of aliens creeping along paths toward an area you need to defend.

Unlike Alien Creeps TD, you need to pay up front to play Defense Grid 2. And it’s not cheap. The game goes for $25 on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. That’s pricey for a indie-made downloadable game, and especially pricey for a game of the tower defence genus.

But thanks to beautifully balanced combat, gorgeous and cleverly designed levels, and an almost ridiculous amount of depth and replayability – traits all noticeably absent in Alien Creeps TD – the high price tag is absolutely worth it.

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