Defense Grid 2 Review: Hold the Line

09/26/2014 by Janelle Bonanno | Source: Game Front
As I frantically monitor the current situation, I forget to blink.

Wave 25 is upon me, and with half of my power cores lost, there are still five more waves left to contend with. A candy-colored array of towers endlessly shoot lasers and barrage the incoming beasts with fire and brimstone, but none of it is enough. I fast-forward until the final stragglers of the wave hit my reactor, stealing a number of cores, with me waiting for the optimal moment to upgrade some towers while there’s a lull in the shooting. But I second-guess myself, and am just not clicking fast enough.

“Shit.” I dejectedly mutter, as the last of them scuttle away with a few more cores, and yet, it is too early to tell whether all is lost.

Welcome to Defense Grid 2.

Back in 2008, Defense Grid: The Awakening released to critical acclaim in the tower defense genre. Swaths of players were introduced to 20 levels of alien intruders and power core defense. Now, Hidden Path Entertainment has released its successor, Defense Grid 2. Brought to life by a successful Kickstarter campaign, it seeks to set the bar as the definitive tower defense game across all platforms. And it sets the bar high.

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