Defense Grid 2 Review by Softpedia

09/26/2014 by Andrei Dobra | Source: Softpedia
Defense Grid: The Awakening appeared way back in 2008 and offered the quintessential tower defense experience, with developer Hidden Path Entertainment delivering a simple yet polished game that had charm and plenty of features to promote replayability.

After launching different expansions, the independent studio organized a Kickstarter for Defense Grid 2, so that fans could crowdfund the development of the sequel. Unfortunately, not enough was raised, so Hidden Path just delivered another, bigger expansion for The Awakening.

Fate, however, had another plan and investor Dracogen approached the studio to help make the sequel a reality. The result has just been delivered to fans from around the world, in the form of Defense Grid 2.

The new tower defense title promises refined gameplay, a more nuanced story, and even more alternate modes to promote replayability, not to mention different cooperative modes and online leaderboards.

Does Defense Grid 2 deliver a fun experience or should Hidden Path go back to the drawing board? Let's find out.
Defense Grid: The Awakening had a pretty basic story, but thanks to the charming British Artificial Intelligence that helped the player during his adventures, it managed to win over plenty of fans.

In Defense Grid 2, the roster of AIs has grown considerably, as now players will once again take on the role of the Commander, who's helped by an ensemble cast of new AI characters in addition to the original British General Fletcher from The Awakening. The story contains a major plot, which sees the player and his allies search for worlds that haven't been invaded by the aliens, as well as another one that's slightly more complex and is told via the loading screens before each level.

While the story may not resonate with all players, the AIs are quite loveable, and due to their constant chatter they certainly make the missions a bit more lighthearted and amusing.

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