The Making of Defense Grid 2: The End

09/19/2014 by Russ Pitts | Source: Polygon
[For more than a year, Russ Pitts has been following the development of strategy game Defense Grid 2 through a series of feature stories based on visits to studio Hidden Path Entertainment. This marks the final installment in his 10-part series. Catch up on the whole thing here.]

The screen is a blur of motion.

I'm sitting in the conference room at Hidden Path Entertainment. It is now the end of August, 2014. Defense Grid 2 has been in development for just over 16 months — four months longer than planned. And it's still not finished.

I'm watching the creation of a video that will be released in September. In it, Lead Designer John Daud and artist Chad Haley explain to players of Defense Grid 2 how to use the game's built-in level editor to make custom levels. It is the same tool Daud and Haley use themselves to create levels that will be in the game. They are, in short, giving away their secrets.

On a large television, Daud watches recorded footage of himself playing the game. It will be the backbone of the level editor how-to, with Daud and Haley narrating over it. As Daud watches, he describes what he's seeing, what he did and why. On the screen is a jumble of activity. Lines are drawn, structures created. Daud is watching his own mind in action, seeing himself perform tasks he's performed hundreds of times. At times he struggles to keep up with the video version of himself, realizing after the fact how many tasks he completes without even thinking about them.

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