Defense Grid Makes #1 Spot On GamesRadar's Top 10 Tower Defense Games List

05/27/2014 by GamesRadar Staff | Source: GamesRadar
Every once in a while a game will come around that tries to pull a fast one on us. It plops out some pretty graphics and fancy destruction physics and hopes that we don't notice what's underneath--stale ideas, broken mechanics, and the most boring gameplay you can imagine.

Thankfully, Defense Grid is not one of these games. Despite an impressive attention to visual detail, it still executes plenty of the tower defense essentials better than the rest. The addition of challenge levels offers a nice incentive to dive back into the levels we've already mastered, while the charmingly proper voice of our AI companion gives the otherwise straightforward campaign a bit of welcome personality--a polished, well-rounded package if we've ever seen one.