More DG2 Details

04/27/2013 by trixie360

More DG2 Details
On Thursday, this video featuring Hidden Path co-founders Jim Garbarini (CFO) and Jeff Pobst (CEO) was unleashed on Kickstarter backers. They're just a little bit excited to let everyone know that Defense Grid 2 is happening. Check it out.

Afterward, one of our community members requested that we verify or comment on each of the items listed for achieving the $1,000,000 Kickstarter goal. Here's the list:

$500,000 Tier -

Original Levels Remastered, Co-Op Multiplayer (online), DRM Free

$750,000 Tier -

Level editor to make custom levels that can be shared with DG community, More Multiplayer Content 

$1,000,000 Tier -

Full DG 2 Sequel, New Aliens, New Towers, New Level Types, New Game Modes, New Ways to Play, 20 Mission DG2 Campaign, Fletcher, Multiplayer Modes, Aforementioned Level Editor, Multiple Platforms, Steam, DRM Free

Here's Jeff's response:

As you know, the Kickstarter paid for the $250k Tier and
that led to Containment being delivered to backers. We also said if we ever are
able to make DG2, then you'll get a free copy of the game.

Once we began conversations with the investor, we took an
approach where we were no longer going to focus on the intermediate tiers, and
focus directly on making DG2. The intermediate tiers made sense if we were
going to take more time and approach DG2 in a step by step way where we weren't
sure how much money we'd raise and we wanted to make sure there was a
deliverable for whatever part of the way we reached.

We're now off-the Kickstarter page, so to speak. The
investor is interested in making DG2 real and that's our focus. We both agreed
however, that the game would have the multiplayer features we talked about,
would have a level editor and user created content options, and would ship on
Steam for Windows, Macintosh, & Linux and that backers would get a free
copy of those versions.

There will be betas and we will be including backers to help
us with the betas. We want a community voice involved in the game to help us
make the best possible game, and we also have to recognize that we have an
investor now too who has contributed substantially and we'll need to respect
that as well.

That's where things are at the moment. Our goal right now is
to get to first playable on the new engine. We'll develop the multiplayer and
level editor features, we're working on the story and the characters and the
progression of the single player levels, we're working on the new look and feel
of the game that we're very excited about. Once we get to a place in the
development where having you play elements gets us good metrics and feedback
we'll jump right into that. Likely that's going to be several months from now.
Meanwhile, we'll share info as time goes of what is taking place and what
progress we're making.

Going back to your above list - We expect everything in the
$1m tier to be coming your way. We are not going to be focusing on the $500k
and $750k tiers on the way there. 

- Jeff


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