DG Community Levels!

12/20/2012 by Trixie360

DG Community Levels!
We’re very pleased to announce that the Defense Grid Community Levels are now available for beta testers!

All Kickstarter backers will receive a DLC key just for the Community Levels. There are four levels designed by three of our Defense Grid community members that received the most votes from our backer community. These levels have been touched up and scripted by Hidden Path. Once Defense Grid: Containment releases, we won’t be selling the Community Levels DLC, but will be giving it away free for email registration. 

We’re so excited to be bringing community level designs to everyone as a first step on our road towards a Defense Grid 2 with tons and tons of user generated content.

Here are the levels you’ll be playing in the Community Levels DLC.

Level 1: Polimer Maze
Author: jordan_choklad86
Description: In this level there are two core houses and two spawn points. All of the cores start in the house furthest from the exit. Cores will return to their preferred housing which will change midway through the level. 

Level 2: A River Runs Through It
Author: jon.grimlar
Description: Hydro Electric Power Station in a river valley. Lots of ground defense options. Perhaps at risk to an air assault, fast and low distraction with a more direct slower heavier higher altitude attack.

Level 3: Central Square
Author: jon.grimlar
Description: Attacked from three directions at once with only limited opportunity to control the path of the aliens.  Use the central square of this ruined town to control their approach.

Level 4: Wasn’t Designed For This…
Author: hybrid.draken87
Description: They're going to make us crash! This ship wasn't designed to combat a boarding party! Why did I try piloting? ...I'll try to adapt the ship for tower building so you can protect our engine cores.

Congratulations to our community level designers!

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