Down Came The Rain

12/20/2012 by Trixie360

Down Came The Rain
Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Well, it wasn't the rain, it was The Juggle Master and he was only washed down to second place, but Sal has finally put an end to spider323g's five-week winning streak.

1 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
2 spider323g
3 hirschquadrat
4 AstraNine
5 Max Payne
6 Ganjafear
7 hanbaoluo
8 Treff*Nix
9 Neurofarad
10 RabbitSlayer27

Sal made a brilliant return this week, rising from 7th place in Fire Control - Green Towers Only to the number one spot in Waste Disposal - Grinder.

AstraNine is holding the line at #4 for the second week.

Comebacks of the week: Ganjafear jumped from #21 last week to #6, while Neurofarad also made a big leap from #19 to #9, and RabbitSlayer27 hippity-hopped from #29 to #10.

Nice work on a tough level, Defense Gridders. Full leaderboard results here.

The new Challenge is Center of Power - Grinder and we're going to make it a holiday extravaganza, a.k.a. we won't be posting a new Challenge until next year. January 2, to be exact. Good luck!

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