Four Weeks of Spider Domination

12/06/2012 by Trixie360

Four Weeks of Spider Domination
After a break for the Thanksgiving holidays we're back with the Weekly Challenge Report. Here's what happened in Guardian's Fall...

1 spider323g
2 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
3 hirschquadrat
4 Treff[^8N^1i^3X^7]
5 AstraNine
6 Max Payne
7 Sir Mien
8 Hipster Doofus
9 vinceycr

Spider323g has held on to the number one spot for an astonishing 4 weeks now. Yet the reclusive arachnid is reluctant to give us a Featured Player interview. Come on out spider, we promise not to spray you with Raid.

Treff made a big leap from 9th place to 4th this week, knocking Hipster Doofus down to 8th place. It's hard out there for a Hipster. Looking for the full results for Guardian's Fall - Out of Bullets? Click here.

Next up: the difficult Fire Control - Green Towers Only. Good luck, Defense Gridders!

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