Featured Player - The Juggle Master

11/12/2012 by Trixie360

Featured Player - The Juggle Master
A man of few words, but mad skills, here's some Q&A with The Juggle Master ( Sal ).

Where do you live?

I live in the Eastern part of the USA.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Public Safety Officer at a Hospital. Hospital police.

How long have you been playing Defense Grid?

Since March 2009.

What is your favorite map/mode?

The Last Stand. It's there where I made my first  #1 score on the grinder and learned to juggle.

What is your favorite DLC?


Do you have any tips on playing Defense Grid: The Awakening?

Patience and practice. I mean I could write so much, but lets keep it short.

What do you hope to see in Defense Grid 2?

I want to see many of the new features mentioned by Mein in his excellent thread including level editor, multiplayer, new towers, new aliens, fixed bugs, and separate leaderboards for juggling vs not juggling.

In general I would like for juggling to gain equal respect and lose its negative position among the DG Community. I want it lose the "not in the spirit of the game" tag.

Anything else you'd like to say to the Defense Grid community?

I want to mentions these gamers and give them credit for super excellent work: Spider323GAtarc55 (xbox), Past Legacy (xbox), and Mr. Han.

Thanks to Ganjafear who created the weekly challenge and the other great players who play there weekly.

Thank you HP for making should an excellent game.

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