Update on the D2 Kickstarter Campaign

09/19/2012 by Trixie360

Update on the D2 Kickstarter Campaign
The short version: You did it! Thanks to the support of 6,291 backers, we blew past our goal of 250,000 dollars, ultimately raising 271,727 dollars! Thank you to each and every one of you who backed the game, asked questions, made videos and spread the word.

The slightly longer version: The Kickstarter campaign for Defense Grid 2 launched on July 10 and ended on August 14. Here are some of the highlights along the journey:

July 15 – We hit the 100,000 dollar mark in less than a week and added new discount reward tiers.

July 16 – Defense Grid fans and supporters participated in a Twitter flash mob, simultaneously using the hashtag #IwantDG2.

July 17 – Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter gets a theme song! Do we have the greatest fans or what? Check out stayfro123’s song “Gimme More Defense Grid” 

July 24 – Hidden Path Design Director Mark Terrano conducted an IamA/AMA session on Reddit. You can check it out here.

July 25 – Fantastic new surprise reward added for backers who have pledged at the $150 tier (discounted to $110) and above. It’s a Fletcher Fortune Button! Press the button and hear Fletcher AI speak 20 random phrases. Who knows what the future holds? Fletcher does.

August 3 – Hidden Path team members participated in a Spreecast group video chat followed by a 24-hour Defense Grid gaming marathon on twitch.tv. Whew!

August 6 – People love those AMD Radeon HD 6870 video cards so much we added a special Add-A-Thing tier so backers could add one of these babies to their rewards.

August 8 – The AMD Radeon HD Add-A-Thing tier sold out in 48 hours, so we added another special tier: for a 106 dollar pledge, backers get all the goodies of the $15 tier plus TWO AMD Radeon HD 6770 video cards!

August 11 – Minimum threshold reached! (Imagine that in Fletcher’s voice). Backers ponied up to the tune of 250,000 bucks! In celebration, DG programmer TJ Martin did this.

August 14 – The Kickstarter Campaign came to a close, raising a total of $271,727. We celebrated on Twitch.tv.

So Now What?

If you’re kicking yourself for missing out on the Kickstarter, fear not! Though the official campaign has concluded you can still become a backer. Email us at pledge@hiddenpath.com and let us know you want to be a backer. Unfortunately, we are completely out of the mice and video cards, but you still have the opportunity to back the project, collect cool rewards and add your insights, opinions and suggestions!

Coming Soon: Private Backer Forum and UserVoice…. Stay tuned!

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