Level Progression: Art

11/07/2014 by Chad Haley

Level Progression: Art
We want to work in iteration stages. It’s important on the art side to be very agile and react to the story that’s unfolding from the design side. We have to respect the choices made by design and ensure that game play is first.

The first iteration is done very quickly. Once the initial setup is made as seen below I’ll create a task list.

• Light level
• Add point lights
• Fix road mip issues
• Make space elevators move up and down. Very slowly
• Swap out space lids
• Swap out decaying city lids
• Fix wall connections / missing connections
• Add supports under floating platforms
• Continue to build out level
• Add foliage
• New terrain textures


Mission 13
Art Tasks

• Fix cutter blade textures.
• Create new wall variant of industrial militant.
• Create wall red dust texture variant.
• New road texture looks too similar to background. Add colors to separate.
• Make hero cutter a bit more metallic, increase spec values.
• Add red dust.
• Select road and create a texture variant to include red dust.
• Swap and finish lids for industrial militant set.
• Create red dust concrete lid texture.
• Swap tower doors for concrete.
• Add black box to mob spawn points.
• Fix camera clip issue with terrain.
• Light level.
• Foliage waived... for now.
• Wheel is spinning in the wrong direction. [http://www.britishpathe.com/video/giant-coal-excavator/query/RUSSIA]- waived

LVL Start

Fix seams and polish out cutter textures

Road Done

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