How Can I Collect, Gather, and Earn New Items in Windborne?

04/09/2014 by Kaboom

How Can I Collect, Gather, and Earn New Items in Windborne?
1. Mine, Mine, and more Mining!
Anyone can do it, and it’s guaranteed to work. It may take some time, but inviting a friend to your island to help you out speeds up the process. If you’re trying to hunt down rarer resources such as gems and gold, we recommend diving into caves. You’ll find a lot of these precious recourses hidden there as well as alongside biome walls.

2. Complete Quests
Questing is a wonderful way to discover your island, earn rewards, and gather new resources. Along with teaching you the basics of Windborne such as controls and features, quests are also an efficient way to help build your crafting recipe library.

3. Buddy System
Visit a friend’s island or invite them to yours. You can mine twice as much and help each other out. Besides, you can invite as many friends to your island as you want so might as well invite them all – the more the merrier!

4. Hunt For Treasure
You heard right, we said treasure! If you stay on the lookout you’ll occasionally run into a relic chest or two. The chests are filled with various items like resources and crafting recipes. As an added bonus, you can also take the chest with you after looting it.

5. Trade with the Jin
The Jin are helpful little creatures who are eager to trade with you. Just toss down a crafted item, they’ll have a look at it, and if they take it they’ll give you a gift back! You can pick up loads of new crafting recipes this way. Hint: Each Jin can only trade a set amount of scrolls at a time, but you can always pay them a visit later to trade again.

6. Reach Out on the Forums
Last of all, you can always reach out to other players, make new friends, and ask for their help. We have a thriving community that is passionate and helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask! You’re also more than welcome to reach out to us through any of our social channels, and we’re happy to help.