Get to Know Defense Grid at Huge Discounts

11/28/2013 by Jeff

Get to Know Defense Grid at Huge Discounts
Have you heard of this "best tower defense game ever" called Defense Grid?

We're working on a sequel that is due out next year, but today if you don't already know the fun that was introduced with the original Defense Grid game and its additional downloadable content packs, you can add it all to your library this week at huge discounts.

For the first time, Defense Grid is part of a Humble Bundle Weekly Sale. Pay what you want for four great indie titles. That bundle can be up to six great indie titles if you choose to pay $6 or more (at the time of this blog writing - the amount will change). When you pay over the minimum threshold your bundle will include Defense Grid Gold and Dungeon Defenders. The number of bundles sold and the amount of time on the deal remaining can be seen here:

Just interested in a deal on Defense Grid alone? Go to the Steam Autumn Sale, and you can pick up all Defense Grid content at 50% off!

Happy Autumn to you, and we're excited to be able to work with our great partners to get you Defense Grid at some great discounts.

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