Content Patch and Community Update Tonight

11/21/2013 by Echo

Content Patch and Community Update Tonight
Additionally, here are the 11/22 patch notes as well!

  • Preview blocks and cloth are drawn correctly now
  • Some update bugs on lower end CPUs fixed (if you gathered blocks, and the world didn't update properly)
  • Sphere in hand updates when you swap the item it was holding
  • Invites to people not in the game should work
  • Veins are properly identified as such now

    • Social menu much more hooked up! Playerlist, ability to kick and invite
    • When you pick up a sphere, an animation will show you where it went
    • Sheep animations updated

      Hello everyone!

      Echo here, the project lead for Windborne. It's been a week and a half since we released the Windborne Alpha Preview,
      and we've been very busy here at Hidden Path. I'm happy to announce that our first content patch has just been released!

      Thank you again to everyone who has submitted crash dumps, logs, and videos.

      First, some extended patch notes:

      • We've tracked down and fixed the 'ghost world' problem!
      • Fixed a few crashes
      • Networking is much more stable
      • Reduced GPU usage
      • You can set a graphics quality in the launcher. At the moment it only effects draw distance and whether grass is drawn, but we'll be adding more control in the future.

      Controls update
      • Smooth on blocks works much better (Middle mouse button)
        • It should be much easier to repair terrain and placed blocks now
        • The angle you smooth terrain matters- try different angles for different effects
      • When in Place mode:
        • Shift-Left-Click to drop a single sphere (alternative to middle click)
        • Ctrl-Left-Click to place and smooth terrain at the same time
      • When in Gather mode:
        • Ctrl-Right-Click to smooth (alternative to middle click)
      • Shift-Middle-Click now rotates in either mode

      Existing block updates
      • Iron textures updated
      • Marble brick blocks have a less rounded look
      • Harder to collect shapers, chest, and stove
      • Torch model updated, moved off-center. Will auto snap to walls eventually.

      New blocks!
      • Thin walls for both Sandstone and Idyllic
      • Thin rails for both Sandstone and Idyllic
      • Tiled roof pieces for both Sandstone and Idyllic that are solid
      • New fence gates for both Sandstone and Idyllic
      • Desert trees added (Can you find them?)
      • Coal added
      • You can create superb cloth now
      • New ore system:
        • When you mine veins you find ore
        • You can craft ore to solid blocks at a 4:1 ratio
        • You can shape solid blocks back to ore at a 1:3 ratio
        • Use ore for crafting
        • When you mine a vein, you either get 2 ore, or a solid block of whatever the ore is in and 1 ore.

      Sheep updates
      • Sheep will try to avoid your buildings more
      • New shorn sheep model!
      • Use 'E' to harvest instead of Right-Click (Right-Click is a more aggressive choice)

      UI updates
      • Several crafting panel bugs fixed
      • Social menu minimally hooked up (You can stop people from joining your games now)
      • Target panel adjustments
      • Action bar changes

      I'd also like to show everyone some of what our community has been doing.

      First up is NitroKoS - he has a beautiful house made primarily out of marble:

      And next is Sandra, more sandstony:

      And one more to leave you with- some bugs should be features :)

      We're really excited about what is coming, so stay tuned and enjoy!