Windborne Closed Beta Information

11/11/2013 by michael

Windborne Closed Beta Information

For those that are joining us - welcome to the Windborne Preview!  Explore your island,
craft almost 100 types of blocks, and build whatever you can think of! 
Thank you for joining and helping the team at Hidden Path! 

Because this is an Alpha build, there’s a good chance you
may lose your island periodically as we update data formats.  We’re very
sorry about this!  You may need a pretty high end system for the Alpha
testing period but performance will be changed as we get closer to early access
and final launch allowing for a wider range of systems to play. 

Hidden Path Entertainment is community driven, so your
feedback can help shape the game using the button below and you can talk to us
on Twitter or Facebook
We are listening!

Here are our initial expectation on Frequently Asked Questions.  Soon there will be a FAQ page where we can go farther:

What is Windborne?

Windborne is a social sandbox game with thousands of pieces to build and play with.  You’ll be able to build a civilization of friendly Jin who will help you in your endeavor, although they haven’t made it to the Alpha yet. There will be dungeons to conquer, islands to explore, and combat that is completely optional.

I don’t have a code, how can I get one?
There will be multiple sites giving away codes over the course of the preview period. Keep an eye on the Windborne Facebook and Twitter pages for up to the minute giveaways.

How do I play?

We are updating the wiki at right now, but here are the basics:

 The mouse looks around

 WASD move you around

 The left mouse button lets you place blocks

 The right mouse button switches to gather mode where you can pick up blocks in the world

 The mouse wheel or the 1-9 keys let you select which bubble you are placing from your action bar.

 Q opens your inventory

 C opens your crafting book

 E interacts with things in the world

 There are more advanced controls, but this is all you need to start.

How do I get help?

The wiki will be populated over the next week, and you can always ask at the forums or on facebook or twitter.

What do you mean I might  lose my island?

During alpha, there is a good chance you’ll lose your island when we update the game formats.  Right now we don’t have backwards compatibility to old islands, but that’s one of the things we’ll put in and test during the alpha. 

I’m having trouble running Windborne

Being a small team, we haven’t been able to test on the wide range of machines out there.  In the next couple of days, we will update the game to upload your crash to us so we can investigate what is going wrong.  

We haven’t put as much time into performance at the moment, so you’ll need a pretty beefy system to run at a high resolution.  You might try decreasing it in the launcher for now.  You can still run full screen at lower resolutions.

You have to be running Steam right now or the game will crash.  We will fix that in the future.

Also, check out the official forums to see if there may be workarounds for your issues.

Can I play with my friends?

Sure, you can send a game invite through steam to anyone who is part of the preview.   They’ll be able to join your island!  (We’d love for people to test this out)
The Game Crashes on My System - what do I do?
Send any .log and .mdmp files from your computer to info [at] hiddenpath [dot] com with the heading Windborne crash dumps.  To find the needed files to attach to the email, go to the Steam program. In your Library, right-click on Windborne and choose Properties.  Go to the Local files tab and click on the Browse Local Files... button.