Weekly Challenge Results - Overflow - Campaign Challenge

08/01/2013 by trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Overflow - Campaign Challenge
Here's what happened when we played Resurgence - Overflow - Campaign Challenge.

1 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
2 frengky.st
3 pastlegacy
4 spider323g
5 takista
6 pdanoe
7 Sir Mien
8 AstraNine
9 Morris
10 nickelfloor89
11 hanbaoluo
12 vinceycr
13 Ganjafear
14 Zyxpsilon
15 rbaldwin94
16 Russ
17 Thin crust
18 behindthelight
19 Lyonnete
20 castlealan
21 Laurrior
22 [Les GoRiX]--Maddy34
23 jasonjmx
24 [Les GoRiX]--NoXy94
25 Rsn-xprT

Sal's on top for a second week, and the Wonder Twins frengky.st and pastlegacy are back together.

There was a resurgence (heh) from Sir Mien who spent last week at #27 and now sits, smugly (maybe?) at #7.

Russ lingered at #49 last week and jumped up to enjoy the glories of #16.

But the Leap of the Week was executed by [Les GoRiX] - Maddy34 who after a week at number 90 worked some kinda DG magic and wound up at #22. Maddy seems to have a sibling or teammate along for the ride, as well. Hello to [Les GoRiX]--NoXy94. We don't know what a GoRiX is, but we're intrigued!

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