Weekly Challenge Results - Forge - Campaign Challenge

07/17/2013 by trixie360

Weekly Challenge Results - Forge - Campaign Challenge
Here's what happens when seven strangers stop being polite... No, wait. Here's what happened when we played Borderlands - Forge - Campaign Challenge:

1 frengky.st
2 pastlegacy
3 The Juggle Master ( Sal)
4 spider323g
5 takista
6 Morris
7 pdanoe
8 AstraNine
9 Ganjafear
10 vinceycr
11 nickelfloor89
12 Reflectice
13 rbaldwin94
14 Sir Mien
15 Thin crust
16 pmf026
17 Lyonnete
18 Zyxpsilon
19 spacehabitats
20 behindthelight
21 castlealan
22 Stonefish
23 2easy2kill
24 markus.schyska
25 Vegemite

Looks like pastlegacy and frengky.st thumb wrestled for first place this week and frengky won.

Check out spider323g, who climbed up right behind Sal at #3.

The Leap of the Week was accomplished by Stonefish, who swam upstream 36 spots to land at #22.

Nice big advances over last week were also made by behindthelight, 2easy2kill, markus.schyska, and Vegemite. Well done, Gridders!

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